Aquabot Pool Rover Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner
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Aquabot Pool Rover Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Pool Rover is a fully automatic, computerized robotic cleaner that has its own drive motor and filtration system. Simply plug it in, drop it into your pool, and off it goes. The Pool Rover is pre-programmed to clean ALL of your pool spotlessly clean. Works on flat or dished out above-ground pools: round, oval, or rectangle. Since the Pool Rover has its own filtration system, it will remove algae and bacteria as well as dirt, debris, and sand. A completely safe 24-volt motor that is incredibly fast, but costs pennies a day to operate, powers the unit.

Considering a robotic swimming pool cleaner, but prefer a more economical choice? Then Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid is your cleaner of choice. This self-contained mobile vacuum and filtration system is engineered for long term reliability, durability and outright performance. Engineered from the ground up,Pool Rover Hybrid is essentially a powerful vacuum pump and microfilter bag - on wheels. Designed on the premise of the Lunar Rover, Pool Rover Hybrid features extra WideGrip wheels that easily traverse deep foot printed floors of an aboveground pool as well as over raised main drains, including climbing up a maximum of 60 degree inclines to get out of deep ends - without getting stuck, ever!

Its internal pump, vacuums in everything from palm leaves, pine needles and pollen to sand and silt, trapping it all inside its body where its expansive ultra-durable microfilter resides. This filter possesses the filtration capability as the higher end models, and provides similar circulation benefits, whereby the microfiltered water that is thrust outward of its body to provide hydraulically jet propulsion (think JetSki) also mixes the cooler, chemically rich water below with the warmer, chemically depleted water above. The result is the healthiest water filtration and circulation for your family and friends and the greatest savings of water, chemicals and energy for you, including saving time.

The Pool Rover has extra-wide non-marring wheels that will roll over footprints or liner wrinkles to clean every inch of your pool. It has a patented venturi system that will power wash even the toughest dirt from the bottom of your pool. The unit's filtration system not only dispenses heat and chemicals, but it also reduces the amount of time your existing filter has to work. The unit comes complete with filter bag, 40 feet of floating cord, and a power supply. Put this computer-controlled robot to work in your pool and enjoy a spotless pool all season.

Features of Pool Rover Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • Self-contained with its own internal pump and filtration system, so it vacuums, filters and circulates
  • independently without hoses, booster pump or the pool filter system!
  • Virtually maintenance free; no gears, diaphragms,
  • wings, pads, belts, etc. to replace - ever!
  • Actually pays for itself by reducing chemical, water and energy costs by as much as 50%!
  • Just drop it in and push a button. Its that easy.
  • Hyrdraulically jet-propelled; cleans most pool
  • floors in under an hour.
  • It removes everything from large leaves to algae as
  • small as 2 microns with its easy to clean, reusable
  • state-of-the-art filter bag.
  • Lightweight, powerful proven long life and low
  • maintenance.
  • Easy-to-set guidance system systematically cleans
  • any shape in ground or aboveground pool floor.
  • Extra-wide wheels allow it to roll over vinyl liner
  • ripples and foot prints and most VGB drains and in-floor pop-up heads.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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