Spa Pool Frog Water Treatment
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Spa Pool Frog Water Treatment

for Spas and Hot Tubs

SPA FROG is all about a new way to care for water with minerals that reduce chemical use. The best news is that SPA FROG is compatible with most products on the market, including bromine, chlorine and non-chlorine shocks. With minerals and a smidgen of chemical support, your spa care is complete with no bleached swimming suits, skin irritation or smelly odors. SPA FROG works great with ozonators too!

Features of the Spa Frog

  • Helps eliminate bacteria along with low levels of chlorine or bromine
  • Neutralizes low PH levels
  • Works inside your filter a full four months
  • Easy to set dial as a reminder to replace it
  • No assembly required, just drop it in
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