Rainbow 320 Inline Automatic Chlorinator

Rainbow 320 Inline Automatic Chlorinator

Automatic Chlorinator

Rainbow's 320 series of inline chlorinators are designed for permanent installation in the return line of pools and spas. No need to drill any holes. Comes with standard 2 in. slip PVC pipe fittings and adapter for 1-1/2 in. slip installation. Works on the pressure side of the pump and is to be used with slow dissolving Trichlor tabs and sticks or bromine tabs and sticks. Includes a heavy-duty 1/2 in. control valve and a replaceable 1/2 in. check valve. Unit comes with feed line installed in the bottom of chlorinator for normal use but is also drilled and tapped at the top of chlorinator if additional chlorine/bromine dispersion is required. Top feed 1/2 in. x 18 in. extension tubing is included.

  • Simple installation for do-it-yourselfers

    Connection Diagram for In Line Chlorinators

    Hayward CL200 In Line Chlorinator

    Danger: When refilling a floating or automatic chlorinator/brominator, always use the exact same type of tablets. If trichlor tablets were used, refill with trichlor tablets only. Never mix chlorine tablets with bromine tablets.

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