In-Ground Pool Winter Covers - Arctic Armor 10yr Warranty

In-Ground Pool Winter Covers - Arctic Armor 10yr Warranty

Winter Pool Covers for In Ground Pools

Our low-priced In-ground pool winter cover has all the strength and durability that will ensure years of protection. The tough cover material is UV protected to last for years in direct sunlight. Rugged polyethylene thread and anchoring loops are also UV protected to remain strong for years. The black underside of the cover retards algae growth. Our big 5-foot overlap keeps the cover on the pool instead of in the water. The cover is held secure on your pool with a heavy duty vinyl-coated cable and winch that is anchored to the cover by strong rip resistant grommets. This durable cover is backed by a 10-Year Warranty (2-YEARS FULL), the cover is Graphite Gray with a black underside.

Winter Cover 10yr Specifications

Artic Armor Winter In-Ground Pool Cover - 10 Year

  • 10-Year Pro-Rated Warranty - 2 Year Full
  • Poly Threads (not cotton) are Stronger & Last Longer, won't Rot
  • 9 x 9 Scrim/Thread Count
  • UV inhibitors to resist breakdown in the sun
  • Graphite Gray Top / Black Bottom
  • 5ft overlap - Cover is 5ft larger than the pool size for which it was made
  • Loops for Water Tubes (sold separately) are spaced every 4-ft for securing the cover.
  •    Great polyethylene Winter Pool Cover

WITHSTANDS WINTER'S WORST - Arctic Armor 10-year Winter Covers are perfect for regions that experience cold, winter weather. Designed to withstand repeated exposure to harsh conditions, these covers provide excellent protection for your above-ground swimming pool.

UV PROTECTED - Crafted from woven polyethylene strands, every Arctic Armor winter cover is treated with UV inhibitors to protect it from sunlight degradation. For additional protection, each cover has a black underside to prevent algae growth.

MINIMIZES SPRING MAINTENANCE - This solid cover with heat-sealed seams keeps debris, dirt, leaves, and branches from falling into your pool's water all winter long. And, in the spring, your pool will be ready for another season of fun and enjoyment.

ULTRA-DURABLE FASTENERS - Reinforced loops with double-stitching hold water tubes in place tightly and efficiently. Spaced every 4-ft around the perimeter of the cover, these perfectly placed loops will ensure that your pool remains protected.

Arctic Armor 10 yr Winter Cover 30x60ft Rectangle
Price: $249.99
Sale Price: $185.95

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