Majestic Above Ground Pool Step - 8005-S-B
Majestic Wedding Cake Steps

Majestic Above Ground Pool Step - 8005-S-B

Wedding Cake like Pool Steps for Above Ground Swimming Pools

The Majestic is the Industries largest,strongest most innovative drop in step for above ground swimming pools. It features a removable counterweight system that keeps the step from floating.

Majestic Pool Steps
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The steps mounting pads lift the bottom of the step away from the liner to allow true, complete water flow. This unique design helps to avoid potential algae formation. Also the step cups will protect the liner while keeping the step in position at the bottom of your pool by using suction.

The Majestic step also has an optional outside ladder attachment available. You can also add some light to your pool with the optional white or colored light. It is a 50W Halogen bulb with a stainless steel case and ultra resistant glass

Majestic Wedding Cake Pool Step Options

Outside Ladder

Optional Light

Patented Step Cups

Majestic Schemtic/Dimensions

Majestic Wedding Cake Installation Guide

Majestic Pool Steps Brochure

Features of Majestic Above Ground Pool Step
  • 58" Wide x 44" Deep x 43.5" High
  • Durable and Strong.
  • Sturdy handle and graceful curves make it a beautiful addition to any pool.
  • Removable ballast allows for easy winter put away.
  • Patented cups protect your liner and create better water flow to reduce algae buildup.
  • Outside ladder attachment available.
  • Fits any pool from 48"-54" deep.
  • Will accommodate up to 400 lbs.
  • 1 Year Warranty

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