How will a pool  professional find my swimming pool leak?

How will a pool professional find my swimming pool leak?

Steps a pool pro will take to find your leak.

First they will ask you questions about your pool or spa, when you first noticed leak problems, and if possible how much it is leaking (based on the results of a bucket test). The more information you can give them about your swimming pool leak the better.

Most jobs will then involve a pressure test of your plumbing lines to confirm whether the leak is in the plumbing or the shell of the pool. Based on the results of the pressure test, the technician may then use a variety of sophisticated electronics or diving equipment to pinpoint the pool leak.



Here are some examples of what instruments a pool professional may use and what they do: Listening Devices or Helium Detectors are used to pinpoint underground plumbing leaks, LeakTrac Leak Detectors pinpoint even the smallest vinyl liner leaks using patented electronics and Hydrophones, special dyes, and SCUBA diving equipment are used to find leaks in the shell of plaster and concrete pools

Once the pool leak is found the professional will provide you with several repair options that they will perform themselves or refer to someone else.

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