Wall Foam for Above Ground Swimming Pools
Roll of Pool Wall Foam

Wall Foam for Above Ground Swimming Pools

For use between your new vinyl liner and the pool wall

Pool Wall Foam is a closed cell polyethylene foam that gets installed between a metal pool wall and a new vinyl pool liner. Wall Foam can give an above ground pool owner many advantages. Pool Wall Foam not only cushions and protects your vinyl liner, it can add years of life to it!

Create a smooth wall surface with this closed cell 1/8th inch thick x 42 inch wide foam padding that helps to prevent rust, corrosion, and other wall degradation issues from puncturing your liner. Help keep your liner like new for years to come with wall foam!

You should only buy wall foam for an above ground pool if the inside of the pool's wall has some of surface rust, exposed bolts or other corrosion issues and is no longer smooth. To install wall foam on a brand new pool is a waste of money.

The wall foam does NOT insulate the pool. It will not change the water temperature at all. It will not prevent the pool wall from rusting.

Don't forget to get the adhesive.

Features of Wall Foam
  • Dimensions: 1/8th in thick x 42in tall x 125ft long
  • Protects liner from punctures and rust
  • Install on pool wall prior to liner installation
  • Creates a smooth wall surface
  • Color may vary

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