Solar Pool Covers, Blankets, & Reels to Help Warm up your Water

Solar Pool Covers, Blankets, & Reels to Help Warm up your Water

The Bubble Wrap looking Cover uses the Suns energy to keep your pool warm

A Solar Pool Cover is the least expensive way to keep your pool water warm extend the length of your swimming season. . They are also called blankets. They resemble giant sheets of bubble wrap. The bubbles trap heat from the sun and transmit the heat to the pool, keeping the water temperature warm and inviting. Their main purpose is to trap the heat of the water under the cover and prevent heat from escaping into the cool night air. They work equally as well on both Above Ground and In Ground Swimming Pools. Extend the swimming season and save money on chemicals and water replacement due to evaporation.

Solar covers float freely on top of a pool without tie-downs or anchors to hold them in place. Removing a solar cover is easy, just pull it off and store it. This job can be a bit sloppy - imagine folding a giant wet blanket by yourself . Recruiting a helper to roll or fold it up or the aid of a solar cover reel makes the task much easier. Solar covers are usually folded and stored or rolled-up on a large reel and wheeled out of the way.

They are ideal for use in sunny climates because the more heat they can gather, the longer they can extend the swim season. Solar pool covers can keep the water temperature, 10-15 degrees when used. It is important to remember that, although any cover will reduce some of the debris that enters a pool, solar pool covers are not designed specifically for cleanliness, nor are they considered safety covers. These covers should be completely removed from the pool before swimmers enter the water.

A Solar Pool Cover to help create an environmentally friendly and energy efficient pool.

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Useful Tips for your Solar Blanket

  1. Bubble side goes down! There is more of the cover that will touch the water and the surface tension helps hold the cover on the water. Also the sunlight seems to get focused by these bubbles like lots of little magnifying glasses.
  2. Running the pump and filter system while the cover is on the water is absolutely safe.
  3. If possible, leave a few inch extra flap of cover near the skimmer. Put the flap over the skimmers door (weir) and you can push debris into the skimmer before removing
  4. DO NOT leave the cover on grass or other plants. It will burn them up.
  5. DO NOT use the cover after shocking the pool. High concentrations of chlorine can damage it.
  6. When in extended periods of time on no use (Winter or Hot part of summer) Let cover dry, roll/fold up cover and store in cool dry place. Cover it when on a reel.
  7. Cut the cover into smaller rectangle if you have a LARGE pool without a reel. It makes the cover easier to take on/off and easier to store.
Spa Solar Blanket 7ft x 7ft

Spa Solar Blanket 7ft x 7ft
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